"Rosso di sera/ Sea Night" is a storytelling: from paper to screen, from watercolour to Photoshop, this is the story about how an illustration could bring to digital life. The project  is a series of illustration created by a single watercolour work. It is a project about light, darkness, colour. 
Sea Night. Watercolour and Acrylic on paper. 
Variations on the theme Blue. A short story about Light and Darkness. 
Variation on Blue/1-Light
Variation on Blue/2-Light
Variation on Blue/3-Darkness
Variation on Blue/4-Darkness
What about colour? In my phantasy, Sunset is Purple. 
Sunset is Purple/1
Sunset is Purple/2
From Sunset to Sunrise. From End to Beginning. Spirit and Soul. Lightness.
Splendid Lightness/1-Yellow
Splendid Lightness/2- Blue
What happens when the night is red? "Rosso di sera", we say in Italian Proverb. A wonderful weather is coming.
Splendid Lightness/3-Red
Thank you for watching. I hope you liked. 

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