FDS Fashion Design 
FDS Brand Identity is based on Italian Futurism geometry. Pure lines, essential shapes, solid and meteoric colours are the philosophy of FDS. Every shape is following golden ratio rules and classical perspectives. Motion and Static images in a modern dynamic and material style.
Fonts are following the same rules of graphics and identity: pure lines, geometric and clean shapes. 
Industry and Modesto Open underline the spirit of FDS a brand balanced between past and future, motion and statics, black and white, innovation and traditional leather manipulation.
Industry and Modesto Open 
FDS likes colours. The firs shoe of the Brand is black and orange. Logo and design follow this direction and choose orange as a flash of energy and electric, material touch.
Colour changes everything. 
Stop Motion is a capsule collection of FDS: fluid, dynamic, overlapped are leitmotiv of this incredible line. 
FDS' web identity is a fluid, dynamic layout built with Adobe MuseCC for unique, mobile and high-resolution User Experience 
discover Stop Motion Collection and Fluid Responsive Website:

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