This Project is created and developed in Digital Painting Apps. I would taste here the difference between painting and digital art. The process shows me unexpected point of view on coloring and drawing. My hand discover new gestures, my heart new images. I hope you appreciate this little daydreaming. I want show you step by step how it is born.
First, painting the background using watercolor tool in Adobe Photoshop Sketch. It's Amazing. 
Then, I add few light effects and the snow on  branches.
Few touches in my daydreaming. Maybe will be a mountain? Maybe a wave?
Missing something... feeling of... I don't know. Here, I need a something unexpected.So, I open my photo library, where are archived all my sketches, doodles and nonsenses. 
This is a doodle sketched in a café in Geneva, few weeks ago. It means anything. It means everything. 
Something vague and shaping. That is what I was looking for. 
Using Adobe Capture CC a little part of my sketch get turn into a snowflake shape and then in a Adobe Ps Sketch Brush.
I add snowflakes. I would they dance in the wind. In a silent, dreamy, sudden insight.
More and more snowflakes. Is a windy day now.  Few touches again. 
And this is my daydreaming winter landscape. 
Thank you for watching. 
I hope you like it.
If you would leave an advice, it will be wonderful. 
Otherwise, maybe you can leave a comment?

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