Mimamà is an Italian Non-Profit Association of young midwives. 
Mimamà promotes health and best practices for fertility, pregnancy and birth. 
Anna, Claudia, Teresa and Francesca are founders and promoter of an active community based in Rome, Italy. 
Every brand project starts with a daydreaming. This was mine: day and night, waiting for something wonderful: waiting a baby.
For Logo and Font I started from a sketch. The sketch was made by a Mimamà friend. I create new shapes, vectors, and lines. I transform the sketch in a profile of mother and baby. As brand palette we choose some shades of green, green as life and spring. Green is the symbolic colour of hope, so we decided was the perfect colour for Mimamà.
Main illustration is a digital illustration: This is the portrait of Anna (founder of Mimamà) when she was pregnant of her wonderful girl, Cecilia. 
For Mimamà I create a personalized bottom bar, starting from a watercolour illustration. These are three colour versions of Mimamà PS paintbrush. Illustration, paintbrush and colour palette are original creations and drawings. 
These paintbrush touches are watercolour digital traces. I decide using watercolour tones and effects, in order to create a dreamy atmosphere all around the website. 
Mimamà's website is full of small flowers, dancing and moving. This Scroll effect give a feminine touch to graphics and UI. 
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