I start walking alone, this morning at 6:30am. I am going through Italian mountain trail. few miles, loneliness, sounds of nature. Adventure. I take my eyes, a camera and some water. I really want experiments new points of view, today. Research. 
As a very urban native girl, I decided trying nature. 
And I found...
Fleur-de-lis / Blue bottle
Eryngium in wild nature
Eryngium in captivity
Carduus Pycnocephalus.
At home.
Start Drawing. 
Eryngium in watercolour and ink.
Preparing watercolour palette.
First watercolour painting. Wet on wet.
Touches of ink. ArtGraph a little. 
I choose Carduus Pycnocephalus.
More inks. Some colour, of course. 
Sketchbook page.
Chaotic desk.
Adding Some ArtGraph. Shadows.
Now, I would try to work digitally. 
This time I won't open my pc. 
I would challenge myself using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil only. 

First, Shaping.
From ink to vector, thanks to Adobe Capture (shape) App.
Paint over the shape: first steps forward a vectorial illustration.
Working with colours in Adobe Illustrator Draw.
Painting a Background in Adobe Photoshop Sketch. Watercolor and Acrylic Brushes. My personal  colour palette.
This is a small watercolour joke, painted weeks ago. I am transforming it in Adobe Photoshop Sketch Brush to get few touches on my background. 
In Adobe Photoshop Sketch again. Assembly.
Thank you for watching. Discover more photos on  Adobe Spark Page:

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